Break the Rules Volume 8
Insekten Records [INSECT 08]
Gemany, 1997
2,000 copies pressed on black vinyl. 2,000 CDs pressed (on V2 Records).

Splitting from his partnership with Incognito, Peter P., who compiled the Back to Front compilations, started his own label, Insekten, to put out his new series, Break the Rules. The series picks up where Back to Front left off (with #7).

Side One
PF Commando-Go Go Go
PF Commando-Suburban Kid
Snuky Tate-New Time
Xtraverts-Blank Generation
Jack & The Rippers-No Desire
Dayglo Abortions-Used to Be In Love
Dayglo Abortions-Suicide
Dayglo Abortions-1967
Mass Media-Kent Agent
TV-War-I'm the Nightmare
Hitler SS-Slave
Side Two
Xterminators-Occasional Lay
Hærverk-Loven Slår
Hærverk-Ingen Visjoner
Accident On The East Lancs-We Want it Legalised
Xpress-Junked Up Judy
Just Urbain-Burning
Kriminella Gitarrer-Vardad Klädsel
Eppu Normaali-Poliisi Pamputtaa Tass
Miranda's-Dentist Blues
Kidz Next Door-Kidz Next Door