Break the Rules Volume 7
Insekten Records [INSECT 07]
Gemany, 1997
1,400 copies pressed on black vinyl. Not available on CD

Splitting from his partnership with Incognito, Peter P., who compiled the Back to Front compilations, started his own label, Insekten, to put out his new series, Break the Rules. The series picks up where Back to Front left off (with #7). Peter writes this in BTR #9, which he says applies to all the records he does:

Here's my definiton about BREAK THE RULES #9 and all previous releases: Punk Music not only originates in the States or England. Punkrock knows no frontiers - back then and just like today. BTR #9, a compilation of very rare Punk Music from the Ark, i. e. 1978 - '82 goes exactly that.
¶There were many bands in the glorious beginnings of Punk Music who were never discovered, unfortunately, because they came from the wrong place or never had the chance to present their acts on stage.
¶All these unspectacular bands released their Music off their own back, on minute labels, usually as their one and only release with only a very small pressing run at that. Many of those records never made it out of their destricts, let alone their countries.
¶BREAK THE RULES #9 gives music lovers the chance to enjoy these now partly very expensive originals at a standard LP price. On it's inner sleeve the LP shows the tracks' original sleeves, including blurbs for each band.
¶Containing 19 tracks from around the globe. BREAK THE RULES #9 is also a valuable history lesson - for all those who missed it first time around or want to broaden their horizons now.

Side One
TNT-Züri Brännt
Bleach Boys-Stocking Clad Nazi Death Camp Bitches
Bleach Boys-Death Before Disco
Desperate Living-Stilla Natt
Klan-Cover Girls
Toten Hosen-Jürgen Engler's Party
Swingers Resort-Rockets & Rose
Young Identities-New Trends
Demob-No Room For You
Side Two
Marionetz-Wir Sind die Marionetz
Gears-Don't Be Afraid to Pogo
Machines-You Better Hear
Machines-Everything Is Technical
Young Identities-New Trends
Incest Brothers-Ajo Ajo
Cult Maniax-Frenzie
Bellevue-Marchin' Men
Matt Gimmick-You Don't Want My Name