Here's how to find more information on all this great punk rock. Don't sweat, there won't be a quiz. But if you're a good little rock 'n' roll warrior, you should still be doing your homework!



FLEX! Discography of US Punk & Hardcore (Out of Print-see website link below)

International Discography of the New Wave Vol. 1981 (Out of Print)

International Discography of the New Wave, Vol. 1982-83 (Out of Print)

It Makes Me Want to Spit

Pogographie 4: German Punk & Hardcore Discography 1977-89

Smash the State: A Discography of Canadian Punk, 1977-92 (Out of Print)




  All Music Guide-A suprisingly great resource. They aren't the first place I look for information on punk bands, but you'd be suprised what you'll find on it.
Break My Face -One of the best and most entertaining KBD-related sites on the Internet, hands-down. Ryan Richardson has made a name for himself tracking down the masterminds of many KBD legends. This site documents the stories behind the bands. A must-read.
Collector Scum -A punk collector's delight. Photo discography of the absurdly rare, discography of punk 8-tracks, Datapanik discography and links to Henry Weld's amazing work.
Discourage Rock 'n' Roll-Agents Abe & Paul, your men in the field, are out to help you track down that record you want soooo bad. Old and new stuff listed.
FLEX!-I never understood quite why/how a German could so thoroughly document U.S. punk. But he did, and very well at that. This site has a search engine and is continually updated, with reviews of a lot of records listed.
Grunnen Rocks-A great discography of a ton of new bands and labels. Very well cross-referenced and, in general, really thorough.
Henry Weld's Music Page -Sounds innocent enough, but this site is an H-Bomb! Discographies of Australian punk, Radio Birdman, Died Pretty, Scientists and Half Japanese discographies as well.
Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Punkrock -Ingo Eitelbach's page. Includes a killer punk record sleeve gallery and catalog that'll drive you to armed robbery!
International Discography of New Wave, Vol. 3 -Henry Weld takes his obsession to expand/complete the work begun with the work B. George and Marth DeFoe with their books of the same name.
Killed By Hype-A site similiar to compHELLation in that it lists many/all international rare punk comps. Paul goes further and includes a sort of discography by region of punk records-old and new. An amazing resource!
Lowdownkids-An online compilation of rare, obscure, great punk rock. In Real Audio, with picture sleeves and information on the bands. Truly amazing!
Predrag's Page -The English version of Uzurlikzurli e-zine, with lots of information on punk bands from the former Yugoslavia.
Trouser Press-The great resource is finally available online! The listings from all editions, except the '90s, is now available, along with message boards related to the individual bands. A lot of times you can find the people who were in the bands through the message boards. A great resource in many ways.