Thanks to Justin Frohwirth, the band section is rolling! I can't say thanks enough times Justin, really.

The bands who've appeared on any of the compilations listed in the comps section are listed here, in alphabetical order. These lists include all the bands included on compilations, the name of the songs that appear on the comps, on what comps they appear, country or state the band came from, and the year the song was originally released. In a few cases, the songs weren't released, so I've listed the year the song was recorded. The location and date is missing on a few of these. If you can help me fill in that missing information, please do. Eventually I'll have all this stuff cross-linked. But first, I want to get all the bands up. I hope to have it done by the end of the year, but it's slow going.

Thanks again Justin!


[A5 - Avengers] [Babeez - BVD] [Cads - Cybermen] [Da Slyme - Dynamo][Eat - FX] [G-Zet - Ivy Green] [Jack & Rippers - Kuzle] [La Broma de Satan - Lullabies] [M'n'M's - MX-80] [Naked Lady Wrestlers - Ox] [P45 - PVP] [Queers - Rune Strutz] [S7 Kez - Systematik Death] [Tactics - Tweed][U-Boats - Vultures] [Wannskraek - Zorros]


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