Back to Front Series
Incognito Records
Germany, 1993-95

Shortly after the Killed By Death compiliations took off, Barny from Incognito teamed up with collector Peter Parzinger to launch the Back to Front series of compilations. From the onset, you could "subscribe" to the series and recieve each new comp as it was released. Each record is hand numbered and is limited to 1,000. Some copies are available on colored vinyl. The Back to Front records are still among the best to be released. They have a great mix of harder punk songs and those on the more poppy side, from all around the world. In addition, each comp has a great cover, comes with fairly thorough liner notes and reproductions of the original picture sleeves. These were also released on CD, but even the CDs are hard to find now. I myself am still hunting for Back to Front 1-4 on vinyl.

Back to Front Volume 1

Back to Front Volume 2

Back to Front Volume 3

Back to Front Volume 4

Back to Front Volume 5

Back to Front Volume 6