Back to Front Volume 2
Incognito Records (INC. 047)
Gemany, 1993
Limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies, 50 pressed on colored vinyl. Also available on CD (1,000 copies).

A series compiled by Peter Parzinger (who later also compiled theBreak the Rulesseries), released by Incognito Records out of Germany. These records are some of the best in the world of rare punk reissues!

Side One
Cigarettes-They're Back Again, Here They Come
Features-Floozie of the Neighborhood
Fresh Color-The Source
Scrotum Poles-Radio Tay
Incredible Kidda Band-Everybody Knows
Subverts-Radio Nation
Chainsaw-Kill in the Blanks
Problem-Ja Vill Inte Ha
Sudden Fun-Sudden Fun
Defnics-Hello From Berlin
Side Two
Spelling Mistakes-Hate Me Hate Me
Briard-Fuck the Army
Newtown Neurotics-Hypocrite
Goteborg Sound-Pappas Pojkar
Non Compis Mentis-Ultimate Orgasm
Checkmate-Only Fools Pretend to Be Happy
Thought Criminals-Hilton Bomber
Demics-Talk's Cheap
Groove-Heart Complaint