Teenage Treats 5
Xerox Records
November, 1998
Black vinyl. White labels stamped with Teenage Treats and side numbers.

Released as the same time as Teenage Treats 1 (in November of '98). Named after a song by The Wasps, this is a series that features more mod/poppy early punk singles. The covers are 12 x 12 photocopies. The back cover has photocopies of the pictures sleeves, with the year they came out underneath. Comes with an insert giving some detail about the records.

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Side One
Satyr-Problem in the City
Devil's Hole Gang-Isn't It
Johnnie and the Lubes-Terror in the Parking Lot
Tone Deaf and the Idiots-Politics
The Exits-Glandular Angela
Morris and the Minors-Emily
Side Two
Exhibit A-Distance
IQ Zero-She's So Rare
Delusion-Pessimist's On Paradise
The Cause-Metro Police
The Bleach Boys-You've Got Nothing
The Suprises-Little Sir Echo