Teenage Treats 2
Xerox Records (MZE 7464)
Clear vinyl with white and red stamped labels.

Named after a song by The Wasps, this is a series that features more mod/poppy early punk singles. The covers are 12 x 12 photocopies. The back cover has photocopies of the pictures sleeves, with the year they came out underneath. Comes with an insert giving some detail about the records.

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Side One
Wasps-Teenage Treats
Tours-Language School
Dole-New Wave Love
Screams-Paper Dolls
Warm Jets-Big City Boys
Red Rage-Total Control
Side Two
Jimmy Edwards & The Profile-Nora's Diary
Strike-Teenage Rebel
Flys-Saturday Sunrise
Dyaks-Gutter Kids
Exile-Real People
Neon Hearts-Answers