Raw and Rare British Punk, Vol 2
(R+R 002)
Black vinyl with white and black labels.

A bit more on the poppier side of punk, but still raw enough in general to satisfy those with a taste for the rougher stuff. Both sides of the single covers are reproduced on the cover of the LP. Both sides of the singles are reissued here as well.

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Side One
Cybermen-You're To Blame
Blitz Boys-Eddie's New Shoes
Crack-All or Nothing
Joe Cool-I Just Don't Care
Meanies-Waiting For You
First Steps-Anywhere Else But Here
Fly On The Wall-Lucky Ones
Side Two
Cybermen-It's You I Want
Heartbeats-One of the People
Blitz Boys-She Told My Friends
Crack-I Caught You Out
Joe Cool-My Way
Meanies-It's True
First Steps-I Got the News
Fly On The Wall-Educated