Raw and Rare British Punk, Vol 1
(R+R 001)
Black vinyl with white and black labels.

A bit more on the poppier side of punk, but still raw enough in general to satisfy those with a taste for the rougher stuff. Both sides of the single covers are reproduced on the cover of the LP. Both sides of the singles are reissued here as well.

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Side One
Jerks-Get Your Woofing Dog Off of Me
Bee Bee Cee-You Gotta Know Girl
Accidents On The East Lancs-Back End of Nowhere
Ignerents-Radio Interference
Users-Kicks in Style
Pretty Boy Floyd-Spread the Word Around
Duggie Briggs-Punk Rockin' Granny
Side Two
Jerks-Hold My Hand
Rowdies-Freeze Out
Bee Bee Cee-We Ain't Listening
Accidents On The East Lancs-Rat Race
Ignerents-Wrong Place Wrong Time
Users-Dead on Arrival
Pretty Boy Floyd-Hold Tight
Duggie Briggs-I'm A Flasher