Where the Birdmen Flew, Revisited 3
Limited to 1,000, on black vinyl.

The third and final comp in this great series. This is more a collection of Aberrant Records songs. These comps go together and shouldn't be bought seperately. Really. Not just because both are fucking killer, but the discography booklet in Volume One and Volume Twois continued in this one. Not related to the earlier Where the Birdmen Flew comp.

Side One
World War XXIV-Heart Attack
Queen Anne's Revenge-Piracy
Local Product-Die Hard
XL Capris-My City Of Sydney
Last Words-No Music In the World Today
Rejex-Who Wants To March
X-Home Is Where The Floor Is
What?!!-Toys Out of Control
Vigil-Anti-Darlinghurst Police
Riptides-Magic Castle
Side Two
Last Words-Today's Kidz
X-Hate City
Suicide Squad-New Kid's Army
Queen Anne's Revenge-Catholic Ray Gun
The Press-Alcohol
World War XXIV-5 to 9
What?!!-20 T-Bones
Exerts-Business Man
X-TV Cabaret Roll