Where the Birdmen Flew, Revisited 1
Limited to 1,000, on red vinyl.

Not related to the earlier Where the Birdmen Flew, this LP consists of rare Aussie punk, some of which appeared on the incredible Murder Punk CDs. These come with a great booklet with a history/discography of aussie punk (which is continued in Where the Birdmen Flew, Revisited 2.

Side One
Psycho Surgeons-Horizontal Action
Psycho Surgeons-Wild Weekend
Johnny Dole & the Leatherscabs-Little Lord Punk
Johnny Dole & the Leatherscabs-Lucky Country
Johnny Dole & the Leatherscabs-All That's Going On
Rocks-Kamikaze Twist
Rocks-Migraine Headache
Rocks-You're So Boring
Rocks-Damn You
Rocks-Kick Her Out
Rocks- Hanging On
Side Two
Scientists-Frantic Romantic
Scientists-Bet Ya Lyin'
Victims-Flipped Out Over You
Victims-Open Your Eyes
Victims-TV Freak
Leftovers-Cigarettes & Alcohol
Leftovers-No Complaints
Leftovers-I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do
New Christs-Face a New Go
Razar-Task Force
Rocks-You're So Boring