Bloodstains Across Texas
Bloodstains [BLOODSTAINS 1] 1992

What a way to kick off a series!!! This is one of the best punk reissue comps ever!. Followed soon by Bloostains Across California and ...the Midwest, these comps are the original three in the Bloodstains series. All put together by the same madman, all completely incredible. They perfectly capture the feeling of each area. On this comp, you hear a lot about Bobby Soxx, and the Huns (and for good reason!) but since the first time I heard the Skunks' "Earthquake Shake," I couldn't (and still can't) get that song outta my head!

Side One
Legionaires Disease-Rather See You Dead
Next-Cheap Rewards
Plastic Idols-I.U.D.
Inserts-Doctor's Wives
A K-47-The Badge Means You Suck
Skunks-Earthquake Shake
Stains-John Wayne Was a Nazi
Side Two
Bobby Soxx-Learn to Hate in the '80s
Huns-Busy Kids
Offenders-Lost Causes
Inanimate Objects-The New One
Telefones-She's In Love with the Rolling Stones
Bodysnatchers-Are You into Destruction
Nervebreakers-My Girlfriend is a Rock
Vomit Pigs-Baby's Playing Games
Really Red-I Was a Teenage Fuckup