Bloodstains Across the Midwest
[Bloodstains 03]
Black vinyl with red and black labels.

Third record in the Bloodstains series. This, along with ...Texas and ...California were the originals of this series. The information given about the bands/records is as often fiction as it is fact. The Gynecologists, for example, were definitely not from Hogfuck, Indiana. I should know--that's my hometown! Actually, next time you are in Indiana, go to Bloomington, head to the corner of Kirkwood and Walnut, right on the town square. You'll see a video store called Plan 9 Video. It's downstairs, under a book store. Ask for Kerry Scott. He's none other than Tommy Afterbirth! Then you can go take a shit on John Mellencamp's front porch. Like Texas and California, this is one of the best in the series! However, being from the Midwest, this one has a special place in my heart.

Side One
Dow Jones & the Industrials-Can't Stand the Midwest
Haskels-Takin' the City By Storm
Embarassment-Sex Drive
Gizmos-Human Garbage Disposal
Baloneyheads-I'm a Drunk
Customs-Long Gone
Side Two
Latin Dogs-Killed In Jail
Toxic Reasons-War Hero
Gynecologists-Gym Gerrard
Cult Heros-Berlin Wall
Brain Police-I Let Jenny Ride
Mentally Ill-Soldier 19
Endtables-Process of Elimination
Crap Detectors-Police State