Bloodstains Across Sweden, Volume 2
Bloodstains Records [BS 07]
Also available on CD

This is the second (or first) version of Bloodstains Across Sweden. The two records came out within a relatively short time of each other. One is on KKK Records, the other (this one) is on Bloodstains Records. Neither is titled Volume One or Two. I am personally a big fan of Swedish punk, so saying that both of these comps are great may be a bit biased. Even the fan of Swedish punk that I am, there are a few songs that drag here. But this comp has some true Swedish punk gems! And by the time Bloodstains Across Sweden, Volume 3 came out, the music started gettin' thin. If you can find it, be absolutely sure you pick up the Ståkkålmsjavlar compiliation that came out in 1989. I recommend (as always) getting the vinyl--it comes with an am amazing booklet inside the gatefold sleever. the music (save for one song) is vicious and great!

Side One
Kriminella Gitarrer-36 Patroner
Mass Media-Jag vill ingenting
Attentat-Svarta farte
P F Commando-Raggare
Bugs-Bloody Mess
Liket Lever-Levande begravd
Bitch Boys-Haftig fredag
Grisen Skriker-Sextiofem
Side Two
Dr Zeke-Jag ska aldrig do
Problem-Va har ja gjort?
Travolta Kids-Veckans brott
Rude Kids-Reggare is Bunch of Motherfuckers
City Kent-Psalm
Baiters-Droga for att Vaga
Vicious Visions-No No