Ståkkåalmsjavlar 1978-1981
Sweden, 1989
Black vinyl with black, red and silver labels. Also available on CD.

Not only is the cover/packaging of this record incredible, it is an amazing sample of the best punk stuff coming out of Sweden in the late '70s-early '80s. The cover is a gatefold with a photobook insert. Lots of liner notes, but you better get Berlitz to help you read 'em--theyre all in Swedish.

Side One
Docent Död-Solglasögon
Ebba Grön-Tyst för fan
Warheads-Can't Be Worser Than Tomorrow
Reeperbahn-Havet Ligger
Ståålfågel-Född kub
KSMB-Jag vill dö
Livin' Sacrifice-Fuck Off
Grisen Skriker-Sextiofem
Side Two
Dr Zeke-Jag ska aldrig dö
Pain-Next Time Ego
Pink Champagne-Söndagsskolehyckel
Blankt Baiters-Droga för att våga
Alien Beat-Police in Disguise
Rude Kids-Raggare is a Bunch of Motherfuckers
Tant Strul-Tomheten