Smash the State 3
No Exit (NO EXIT 004)
August, 1999
Plain black vinyl with black and white labels.

Another quality, legitimate release from the thorough folks at No Exit. This, like the others, completely compiles a handful of rare, great Canadian punk records. A very detailed, good looking booklet with tons of information on the included bands comes with the record.

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Side One
Gentlemen of Horror-Rich Kids
Gentlemen of Horror-Overhead Projector
Gentlemen of Horror-Rough Hike
Gentlemen of Horror-God Knows You By Name Gentlemen of Horror-Bank
Bureaucrats-Feel the Pain
Gentlemen of Horror-Bank
Bureaucrats-Grown Up Age
Siggy Magic & the Hey-Hoe Band-Commercials for Free
Siggy Magic & the Hey-Hoe Band-Tooth Decay
Siggy Magic & the Hey-Hoe Band-Passive and Blue
Side Two
Discords-Dead Cubans
Discords-Kill the Rich
Red Sqaures-Ottawa Today
Red Squares-Transmitter
Reaction-The Kids Arrived
Da Slyme-My Only Concern is...
Da Slyme-Kickin' Tll I Die
Da Slyme-I'm a Piss-eyed Sleaziod
Da Slyme-One Chord Punk Song