Screaming Fists, Vol 2
France, 1998
An initial run of 500 were pressed. It has since been repressed at least once.
Black vinyl with pink and black labels.

Lots of rare, but not ultra-obscure stuff. It seems as if the person who put this together went for good music over collectability.

Side One
Rotters-Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks
Stimulators-Loud, Fast Rules
Pigs-They Say
Pigs-National Front
Kidz Next Door-Kidz Next Door
Users-IÕm in Love With Today
Psycotic Pineapple-Ahead of Today
Enemy-Want Me
Side Two
Cheaters-(How Would You Like to Be) The Ice Man?
Chinas Comidas-For the Rich
Jolt-You're Cold
Jumpers-This is It!
Subhumans-Oh Canaduh
Dazzlers-Kick Out
Users-Dead on Arrival
Ugly-Stranded in the Laneway (of Love)