Powerpearls Volume 1
Plain black vinyl with white labels.

Not included in the first edition of compHELLation more for room considerations than anything. This series came out around the same time as Teenage Treats, and follows a similiar formula. The songs on Powerpearls are more poppy/mod sounding than most of the comps listed here, maybe even reaching into early wavey-stuff, but each record in the Powerpearl series has a healthy serving of the best in the genre. Picture sleeves and small blurbs about the bands are included on the back covers.

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Side One
Really 3rd's-Everyday, Everyway
Straight Up-One Out All Out
Bureaucrats-Feel the Pain
Tours-Language School
Gents-Modern Time
Atlantics-One Last Night
Jimmy Edwards-Nora's Diary
Techtones-That Girl
Famous Players-Who's Kissing You
Side Two
Distractions-It Doesn't Bother Me
TV 21-Playing With Fire
News-The Kids Are Dancing
Fastbacks-It's Your Birthday
Rousers-Susan's Day
Squares-No Fear
Small World-Liberty
Local Heroes-Blast the Pop!