Pure British Pop For Raw People, Vol. 1
(PBP 001)
June, 1999
Black vinyl with white and black labels.

This (of course) isn't the brit pop the kids of the '90s have come to know. No, this shit has got guts! Another pop/mod-oriented punk reissue comp focusing on the UK. You'll notice a few familiar bands on here, but both those you've heard and those you haven't are great! This is a well put together comp--the sound quality is good, the covers are reproduced in full color, and the songs are all good! Imagine that! It's a little on the short side, however.

Side One
Strangeways-Wasting Time
Invaders-Girls In Action
Seventeen-Don't Let Go
Paranoids-Stupid Guy
Secret-Night After Night
Side Two
Protex-I Can't Cope
Pinpoint-Yo Yo
Pleasers-The Kids Are Alright
Freshies-Frasten Your Seatbelts
Jags-Woman's World
UK Squares-No Fear