Feel Lucky Skunk?
(LUL 001) 1997
Orange vinyl with white and black labels.

Holland, the Netherlands, whatever you want to call the small country known for many things other than punk rock, this is not a country to be overlooked! Let this comp (as well as Killed By Epitaph/I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It, Punk Rock From Holland) be a warning...miss out on this, and you miss out on some of the best punk rock EVER! 1,000 copies.

Side One
Ivy Green-Another Subculture Going Bad
Nitwits-He Was O.K.
De Straks-Luns
De Straks-Eat U Smakelijk
Prime Ministers-Teenage Depression
Lullabies-The System
Vultures-Looking for a Job
Rakketax-Van Agt
Tits-We're So Glad Elvis is Dead
Noxious-Sunday Fools
Side Two
De Straks-Vieze Katholieken
De Straks-Koningin
Gods Heart Attack-Ain't No Hooker
Ex-Stupid Americans
Vopos-Dead Entertainment
Nixe-You Say
Obsessions-Don't Come to Earth
Coitus Int-Run to the Station
Mollesters-I Am