Deep In the Throat of Texas
Existential Vacuum (EV 14)
USA, 1997
2,000 with silver & orange labels--1,800 on black vinyl, 200 on yellow vinyl.

EV Records is reponsible for some of the best reissues of old punk stuff. This is one of the crown jewels in the EV empire. Complete reissues of 6 Texas rarities. Unlike a lot of comps, this is a model for quality. There's tons of information about the bands and the records they released and the lyrics to all the songs are even reprinted on the innersleeve! If you are thinking of starting a career in rare punk bootlegging, let this record be your model. Oh, by the way, this is a completely legit release.

Side One
The Next-Mr. Wonderful
The Next-Monotony
The Next-Cheap Rewards
Dot Vaeth-White Collar Worker
Dot Vaeth-Armed Robbery
Dot Vaeth-Baby Playin' Games
Really Red-Crowd Control
Really Red-Corporate Settings
Side Two
AK47-The Badge Means You Suck
AK47-Kiss My Machine
Uncalled 4-Cotton Fields
Uncalled 4- Grind Her Up
Vast Majority-I Wanna Be a Number
Vast Majority-God's Groin
Vast Majority-Throwdown