Bloodstains Across the U.K., Volume 2

The second of now four U.K. Bloodstains comps. There are 80 hand-numbered copies which include two different songs, which appear at the end of side two, instead of the Dregs and Vice Squad songs. These copies came with an insert explaing the “mistake.” These are listed below at the end of side two in parenthesis. Vice Squad on here is not the band of fame, but the band which appears on New Wave From the Heart.

Side One
Now-Into the 80's
Xtraverts-Blank Generation
Disco Students-Kafkaesque
Zips-I'm In Love
Rebels-The Leader of Rebellion
Dansette Damage-The Only Sound
Untamed Youth-Running Wild
Side Two
Subliminal Cuts-I Don't Care
Antisocial-Traffic Lights
Accident On East Lancs-Tell Me What Ya Mean
Varicose Veins-Geographical Problem
Red Letters-Sacred Voices
Revenge-Bombs (listed as Mag/Spys)
Dregs-Fatal Attraction
Vice Squad-Prison Girl
(Some Chicken-Blood on the Wall)
(Revenge-We're Not Gonna Make It)