Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland, Volume 2
November 1998
Black vinyl with white labels. 100 copies on green vinyl

Not really for those of you who need more of a bite to your punk, this record has more of a pop/mod flavor than most of the other records in the Bloodstains series. This, along with Bloodstains Across N. Ireland are the only records in the series to not have red ink on the covers. Some of the bands featured on BANIRE make appreances on this volume. The information included about the bands and songs is fairly thorough.

Side One
Protex-All I Wanna Do (Is Rock 'n' Roll)
Zipps-Don't Tell the Detectives
Tinopeners-Set Me Free
Rudi-The Pressure's On (live from TV)
Shock Treatment-Big Check Shirts
Stage B-Numbers (demo)
Electro-Motive Forces-Mental Cases
The Doubt-Contrast Disorder
Side Two
Detonators-Light At Your Window
Tearjerkers-I'm So Sorry (Demo)
Dogmatic Element-Just Friends
Control Zone-Johnny Johnny
Family Of Noise-Young Rebel
Victim-I Need You
P45-Teenage Love Song
Peasants-I Can Help