I Don't know why you'd want to read this, but here's the old news...


24 October 99
Taking a blind step into the world of style sheets so I can try to fix the band pages. Not only are they all messed up, but they're growing outdated. Ugh. Explore at your own risk. The band page A-C is going to be the most correct. That's my guinea pig page, trying all the new HTML programming I'm half-learning. I'm so close to getting it...frustration is beginning to sink in.
Mimi and I are going to be in Las Vegas this coming weekend for the Las Vegas Grind. My friends Seth and Hilary from Indiana are coming into town for 2 weeks. I probably won't get a lot done on the site. Plus, I'm trying to built a Rocknroll Blitzkrieg website. Expect to see that up and fully function by mid-November.

15 October 99
Take out your copy of any of the Smash the State LPs. Follow the instructions that are printed around the labels. That's me and my girlfriend tonight. Our neighbor in the apartment next door is a, uh, "musician." He crafts fucking shitty electronic music, heavy on the synthesizer. Okay, I hate that crap as much as any punk, but if he was at least GOOD, it wouldn't be as annoying. The guy fucking sucks! He sounds like a 3 year old crawling on the keyboard. Aghghghghg!
THE COMPILATION LISTINGS ARE DONE!!! Pour me another cup of coffee!!! Goddamn! It's about time! There are a few new comps I haven't gotten yet, so those aren't up (Teenage Treats 6 and 7, Still Hate Your Neighbors), otherwise, it's all up. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the band and country listings. The band listings will take precedence. I'm considering taking down what I have up so far until I can figure a good way to structure those listings. I just don't know enough about HTML to get it to line-up right. Can anybody there help? Please? I'm sure there's a way to do it.
Until then, I might start working on getting more legitimate releases up, as well as CD-only comps. I got a great new series called Outlaws in My Eye. There are 3 CDs in the set. Two focus on the US as a whole, the third is an all-Texas special. I'm also working on an article for MRR about collecting records on the internet. Look for it in issue #199. Oh yeah, I'm starting to put out records (of new bands)!!! The label is called Rocknroll Blitzkreig! Expect a web site up soon, or sorta soon anyway. The first 7" I have planned is with a band from Sweden called the Upskirts. That 7" will be out in about 2 months or so. After that, I'll be putting out a record by a Seattle band formerly called The Switchblade Kids, but are now know as The Static (not to be confused with the garage legends, The Statics). At the same time, I'll be doing a double 7" with another Swedish band, Welfare. Later down the line, expect a 7" from Austin, TX's The Reds. Of course, all these bands are great enough to be on a label boldly called Rocknroll Blitzkreig. Stay tuned for more information.
As always, if you have any corrections or ideas on how I can make this a better site, or just want to say hey, email me: icki@mindspring.com.

26 September 99
I really thought I was gonna get all the comps done tonight. I'm getting close. They're all done through the Raw and Rare British Punk comps. I also added all the newest comps, including: Killed By Death #20, Killed By Death #202 and the great comp, Brainkiller. After I get all the comps up (by the end of the week?), I'm gonna work on getting the band listings all sorted out. They'll probably take on a new format.
In other news, only sort of related to this stuff, I'm starting to put out records (again) on a label I'm calling ROCKNROLL BLITZKRIEG! The first single I have planned is with a band from Sweden called the Upskirts. I'm pretty excited about this record, and to be putting out records again in general. So, if you know of a band that really smokes, that IS a rocknroll blitzkrieg, let me know. I'll be working on a web page for the label soon.

21 September 99
After a long day at work, I like to put on a good punk rock record to unwind. I don't even listen to them loud. Tonight, the person who lives the apartment upstairs decided I was listen to PF Commando a bit too loud (even though you couldn't even hear the record in the kitchen, whic adjoins the room in which my stereo is in). Rather than being spiteful and playing something really obnoxious, really loud, I'm sitting in silence, working on compHELLation. Mimi is working on finishing her lecture for class tomorrow. Another exciting night in the big city! I didn't even get that much up. All the comps are now listed up through Pogo Punks.
Just so you know, the third installment of Lowdown Kids, an online compilation, is up. It features full color reproduction of picture sleeves, as well as streaming Real Audio versions of some obscure punk, as well as old-time collector favorites!
I'm starting to put out records...the name of my label will be/is Rocknroll Blitzkrieg. The first single will be by a great band from Sweden called The Upskirts. Stay tuned for more information.

6 September 99
It's Labor Day here in the States. The day to honor the workers. Funny thing is, this is the first job I've had where I've had labor day off. Most the people who actually work, that is, do manual labor, have to work today. That's fucked up.
Anyway, I finally got all the Killed By Death Compilations finished. Fuck. It's about time. I figure I have to move on getting this thing up since Mark Hanford wrote about compHELLation in his column in MRR. My new job doesn't leave me with a lot of time to work on this. But dammit, I WILL get this whole thing up! As far as the comps go anyway, it should be all down hill from here.
Oh, I also put up a copy of my wantlist. This isn't my entire list, but an abbreviated version. Anyway, get in touch if you know where I can get any of these things.
On Friday, I'm off to Detroit, Rock City USA! To see the Sonics Rendezvous Band, who will be playing with Deniz Tek in Fred "Sonic" Smith's place. Rumor is, it's gonna be half Sonics Rendezvous material, half Radio Birdman. Yeah Hup!

23 August 99
I only got a few comps added tonight, up to KBD #16. It's already 11:19 p.m. I have to be at work in less than 10 hours. I also fixed the band pages that I have up so far. They should all line up now...I'm doing this on Netscape 4.61. It should like right on any version of Netscape. If you're using Explorer, the information on the band pages may not line up perfectly, which fucks the whole thing up. Sorry.
New comps out: Killed By 7&#34:, Still Hate Your Neighbors 7", Killed By Death #20, Killed By Death #999, Brainkillers LP. Get 'em...and also make sure you pick up the reissue of the first Saints LP. It has four extra songs. Not like I have the time to do it, but I've been toying with the idea of starting a new section on here dedicated to listing all the reissues that've come out. Sound like a fucking mess? Does to me too--that's probably why I like the idea so much.

12 August 99
My eyes are tired of looking at computer screens. All day I sit in front of a computer. I listen to the worst music ever made and have to write about it. I'm not even allowed to say bad things about the worst music ever made that I have to listen to all day.
The Killed By Death comps are only available up to #13. I know, I'm moving slow. And I realized that the band listings are all fucked up...oh, I think I mentioned that last time. Mimi and I are headed to LA and San Diego this weekend. Don't expect much to get done.

7 August 99
Saturday morning, just got back from breakfast with my girlfriend and now it's time to try to plow through more of this mess. For the first time, I looked at this site on MIcrosoft Explorer and realized the band listing pages are a bit fucked up--they don't quite line up right. I'll have to fix that. Maybe I'll do it today, maybe I won't. The band pages are a REAL pain in the ass to work on. Anyway, today my goal is to get all the Killed By Death comps up...or at least most of them. We'll see how far I get.
As a side note, at work, I stumbled across an MP3 for the Dogs (the Iowa band)!!! Just go to MP3.com and search for Dogs. You should find it. They also have a Dogs CD for sale through that site! I was stunned.

1 August 99
Just back from a two week trip to the midwest and back. My girlfriend, Mimi, and I survived the sweltering, killer (literally! over 100 people have died) heat/humidity of middle America. We saw lots of great, odd roadside attractions (Carhenge, House on the Rock, the Corn Palace), caught up with lots of good friends, and bought tons of records! We're back now though. Tomorrow I begin a new job. I'll be reviewing MP3s for a site called Listen.com. Should be interesting. ANYWAY...I promise I'm gonna get smokin' on getting all this shit finished. I've got a lot of other projects in the works, so my time is pretty thin. Thanks to those who've written with corrections, compliments, complaints. Like I said, I swear I'll get more up here, soon. Until it's all up...keep the music up loud!

12 July 99
I have Sundays and Mondays off. Being my day off, I got lots done...all the comps up to the Killed By Death series are up, as well as a few stray comps beyond the KBD comps. Mimi and I are driving to Indiana and back on the 19th, so I hope to have all the compiliations up, save for the Killed By Death comps, by then. Maybe I'll even get a few more band pages up. Maybe not. We'll see.

9 July 99
It's Friday night, and instead of hitting the town, I am spending yet another evening in front of my computer, listening to records, hanging out with my girlfriend. Not a bad night. My eyes hurt from looking at my monitor for so long. Tonight I pushed forward a teeny bit by listing all the comps up through the letter C. I also did the Killed By 7 Inch comps. Slowly but surely I'll have this thing up.

Just a quick final note...if you've sent me any mail to my old address in Bloomington, there's a good chance I haven't yet received it. I'm expecting my mail from there any day now--about two months worth. Ugh. Also, I'm going on a road trip with my girlfriend, Mimi, in about a week. Before I leave I wanna try to get a bunch done on this. But then again, I've got a LOT of other things to do before then also.

4 July 99
I've begun celebrating the United States' birthday early by finishing the Bloodstains series in the compilations listing, and even doing a few more (Bloody Belgium, Ståkkålmsjavar). Eventually, all the comps WILL be up. With my paying job (working in the fine arts department at an art supply store) and the work I do for MRR, I don't have as much time to work on getting this site up in its entirety. Soon. The listings by bands are up through the letter K. These are a serious pain in the ass to get up and to update. I haven't found a really smooth way to do it yet. Becuase they are such a pain in the ass, I'm trying to get them up as soon as I can, to get them the fuck out of the way. I may start posting my MRR columns here, before they actually go to print. That way, all you hungry record fiends can feast on the newest, greatest punk rock music out there! You know, by the time my columns in MRR hit the stands, it's almost 2 months old.

There are a few new comps coming out. As you probably know, Break the Rules #9 is out NOW! It should be available through mailorders now, and will be in stores shortly. There's a new compiliation called Brainkillers that'll be out any time now. And in early August, Killed By Death #999 will be born unto the world. Rejoice! Please let me know if you learn of any new comps, reissues or great rock 'n' roll records!