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24 January 06
As it should be clear, I've more or less stopped working on this site. However, there are lots of other great KBD resources out there now. I'm sure you know of them. If not, check the resources page on this site for links. I actually just updated the links on that page.

8 April 01
Can you believe it's been nearly a year since I've touched this fucking website? Given what a headache it is to work on it, I can. I've been busy with Rocknroll Blitzkrieg stuff and just with work. The flood of comps has come to a trickle, with the latest being a compilation of rare hardcore songs called, appropiately enough, Killed By Hardcore. Oh, well I guess the Hyped 2 Death CD comps have been coming out pretty steady. Most are really good--cheap and FILLED with rare bits. If you wanna know what's been coming out, what tracks are on what comps, cruise over to Killed By Hype.

14 June 00
The Bay Area is breaking all their high temperature records this week. Today, it hit 103 degrees in S.F. Fuck. At least it's not humid like the Midwest.
Like every other website done as a hobby, I'm quickly falling very behind, beginning each New Update with "I'm sorry I'm behind..." Lame, but true. The comps are only somewhat beginning to slow down. Instead reissues are coming out more and more frequently. It's really hard to keep up. Most of the new comps coming out are of marginal quality. If you put on some of the originals, any of the first four Killed By Death, any of the Back to Fronts, the new comps are just fucking blown outta the water. Not one of the new comps stands up to the power of the older comps. But everybody knows that, right? Then why are they still coming out? Who is still buying them (suckers like me, that's who)? I only got up a few new comps tonight. Let's see: Killed By 7" #10, Killed By Dentistry, and I realized that for some reason, I never put up Teenage Treats 6 and 7, so they're up now. Speaking of Teenage Treats, the last three in the series (8-10) are out now and are supposedly limited to 100 copies each. Get 'em while you can!
Another heads up, 15 bootleg reissues recently surfaced of some rare singles from all over the world. From the covers and labels, it's nearly impossible to tell the difference. The matrixes are completely different than the originals, but otherwise...who ever did them, did a good job. They're limited to 300 copies each out the news section at Search And Destroy. I'm going to start posting my MRR columns on the Blank Generation website. These will go up about a month or so before it hits the newsstand, so you can get the early scoop on new records that are out. It's hot, I'm tired. Good night.

15 May 00
Fuck. Three months later and I'm finally back. It's Sunday night. I've been busy trying to update this while watching the Simpsons and X Files with my girlfriend, Mimi. I've fallen behind, in both buying comps and putting them up. Tonight though, I finally got up Killed By 7" #8 and #9, Pure Brit Pop for Raw People #2 and Killed By Death #1234. I'm playing catch up on getting the comps updated, then will continue the slow work on getting the band and country pages up.

6 February 00
I know it's been a while. I have done a teeny bit more on the D pages, but not much really. I've spent more time overhauling one of my other websites, ACTION! photozine. Plus, I've been busy getting my record label moving along.
Lots of comps and reissues are coming out in the next month or so (KBD #1234, #007, #33, England Belongs to Me #4, Bloodstains Across the World #2) and I'm taking off. For the next 5 weeks, I'll be on tour with a band from Florida called Discount. So, don't expect anything new to happen here for about 6 weeks. To keep yourself busy and to get the latest lowdown on the compilations of rare and obscure punk, go to Killed By Hype.

26 December 99
What better way to spend the day after Christmas than working this website-turned monster? The preacher in the church across the street has his whole congregation jumping, shouting, singing, screaming and sweating. He's so loud, it sounds as if he's preaching to me. Maybe it's a sign. Anyway, the C band pages are finished and I'm into the D pages. It's all coming up very slowly. I also have the country pages started. The only ones done so far are Argentina and Brazil, and that's because they both only have one band. I put up secret photos of Raxola. See if you can find them!

11 December 99
Busy, as usual. The "B" band pages are finished, and I put the the listing for Bloodstains Across the World as well. It's a pretty good comp, more noteworthy for its far-reaching and all encompassing selection of bands (first Chinese band on a comp!). I still haven't put up Teenage Treats 6 and 7, nor the 7" comp, Still Hate Your Neighbors.
I had planned on opening a record store in New York City, but since those plans have fallen through, I'm not trying to get rid of the 200+ records I had begun to stockpile. I'll be posting a list of records for sale/trade soon. There are a lot of comps and reissues, as well as a few rare things and some new records as well.
Other things you may or may not care about...I'm going to try to get some of the photobooth pictures I've collected for my photobooth book project up on the web. I've scanned a bunch and am still trying to figure out the best way to put them online. I'm working on getting a zine of them put together as well. The first 7" on my new label will be out fairly soon. It's by a band from Sweden called the Upskirts and should be out in early January. I'm really fucking excited, to say the least.
What's wrong with me? Why do I have the overwhelming urge to put together a comphrensive discography of punk and new wave records through the mid-'80s? Am I fucking nuts?
The original members of the Zero Boys are playing a show on New Years Eve in Indianapolis, Indiana, their hometown and mine. I bought a plane ticket and am going to be at the show. Here's a flyer for your enjoyment. It's been said they've promised to play mostly stuff from their 7" and the Vicious Circle LP. I can't wait! Expect to see photos of the show up on my photozine, ACTION!

20 November 99
Thanks to Justin Frohwirth, the band pages will soon be fixed. My nemesis defeated. It's gonna be slow going. I have to redo all the band pages. Tedious. But thanks to the tip Justin gave me (using better tables), they'll be easy to update, easy to put up. Thanks Justin!
Nothing else has been done to compHELLation. After going to Las Vegas for a few days, then returning to a pile of work, I've been non-stop busy. I did make the beginnings of a website for the record label I'm starting, called Rocknroll Blitzkrieg. Teenage Treats 6 and 7 still need to be put up, as do a few other comps, including the long-awaited Bloodstains Across the World. Until then, keep checking back for the band page updates...then I'll finally be able to work on the Country pages. Phew!

If any of you have an corrections, please send them my way. Also, if you think of a way this site might be more user-friendly, I'd love to hear your suggestions.




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